What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

Gianluca, Staff Writer

Whatever you decide to be in life: an athlete, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a businessman, you will need to possess all the required skills to carry that activity out, but also another important component, which is fundamental and very useful for success: luck.

The real question is: does luck just happen or not? Luck is a random phenomena or a rare event that can be explained? Fortune most of the time is believed to be random and is seen as a factor that can benefit people without following a precise rule. Most of the time it comes when you least expect it, but when you absolutely need it. In fact, if we think about lucky events, we can notice how fortune appears in the most desperate moments. Thus, these difficult moments are the factors that create luck. 

…in other words, luck is a rare and surprising event which can pull you out of a difficult situation.”

But does good fortune favour random people or specific subjects? There is an Italian saying that states: luck is for those who seek it. Many psychologists believe that fortune is a casual event. Theories, although, explain how this event can be made more frequent. It is proven to be true that a positive attitude towards difficult situations, will result in an increased probability in being benefited by a lucky event in that moment. We can therefore state that the previous saying outlines perfectly how fortune is a random event, but benefits most of the time positive-thinking people. Recreating this situation in sport, we can state that most of the time, luck falls on the team, or athlete, which is winning. This due to their positive mentality. In addition, it explains why winning after a positive streak is much easier than winning after a defeat.

Luck is so important nowadays that athletes, teams and companies, seek to improve their positive mentality. This to encourage not only their efficiency, but also to recreate a positive and serene atmosphere and working condition, which is more inclined to positive fortune and makes bad luck rare.

We can, therefore, understand how luck affects people randomly, but also how we can try to attract it with positive mentality. Remaining positive in difficult situations is the key to success; it’s what outstanding entrepreneurs, athletes and businessman have, compared to normal ones. Elon Musk, Bolt, Federer and other famous people have all in some cases been very lucky, but because of their inclination towards positive thinking.

So, it is important for us students to comprehend how luck can help us every day, but most of all, how a positive attitude doesn’t only benefit your mental state, but it also creates positive fortune around you.