A Quick Dive Into Milan Games Week

Louis, Staff

With it being November and the American elections dragging the mood down, with the cold weather stealing away the warm autumn air and the end of term exams looming on the horizon I took it upon myself to help bring some happiness back by talking a bit about Games Week!

For those unacquainted with it, Games Week is a convention that happens in the middle of October every year in Milan, where hundreds of people come together from around the world to share their common interest in games. Rather than leave it for another year I decided that I would go to the event on the second day, arguably the most crowded, to get the full experience. It was certainly eye opening and the whole thing was great fun to be a part of.

The venue was over several floors and each held different booths. Some were sponsored by equipment companies, others were holding tournaments and some even had special showcase areas for the public to try out Virtual Reality (though the most important area was obviously the food court)!

The bright lights, blaring sounds and large crowds were full of bustling life, bigger than anything I’d been to before. There were all different types of people dressing up as their favourite characters or simply wearing a t-shirt and representing their love for their most loved franchise, adding a sense of spread culture to the event.

All in all it was an incredibly fun experience, one that I would recommend to anyone next time the Games Week comes around. Individual tickets are only 14 euros, and so for the whole experience it’s nothing less than a bargain!