New Musical Production Coming Soon

After last year’s successful “Grease” production left St Louis School audiences dazzled the Drama Department, led by Mrs.Warringer, has decided to announce that this year’s St Louis High School musical production will be High School Musical!

This wonderful musical depicts the story of two completely different teenagers, Troy and Gabriella, who meet over Christmas vacation when they sing at a karaoke game together. When Troy returns from his holiday he finds out that Gabriella is enrolled in his school, East High! They both accidentally audition for their school’s musical but, because of the their social cliques not approving of their new friendship and not being able to accept their passion for singing together, they are forced to ‘stick to the status quo’. Will Troy and Gabriella be accepted by society?

After a long and tough audition process Mrs. Warringer, Miss.Leo and Mr. Rafferty were able to decide upon and announce this year’s cast:

Gabriella Montez: Klara 

– Troy Bolton: Marcello 

– Sharpay Evans: Beatrice T

– Ryan Evans: Federico B

– Chad Danforth: Davide A

– Taylor Mckessie: Laura M

This musical, which is a family friendly show is packed with a mix of romantic, fun and entertaining songs which will be showing later next year at Teatro Litta. After talking to the Director, Mrs.Warringer, she is proud to announce that: “The musical is coming on great! This year’s cast is very talented and enthusiastic!”

We are therefore very excited to see the final product!

The Spirit of St. Louis will be posting  updates on the show giving you the opportunity to meet the cast and hear about the latest news!