Eye of a lens

What do I see in photograph? Why do I love taking pictures? I’m always asked and I’ve put some thought into it and I came to a conclusion.

Photography, for me, is a way of telling a story without any words being said. As weird as it sounds, it’s true. I get to create this story in my head and make it have any ending that I want and if people are in it I get to make up their emotions. I get to live in my own world. It makes me sound insane but that’s exactly how I feel.

The colours and little details, which we don’t notice at the moment, are visible, the expressions, a scar on the side of a face, how eyes are dull but still smiling. You can see just about anything. You can do anything with a picture.

I’ve always wondered how it would be to be a lens. They see more than our eyes do. So much more. It’s incredible.

Look at the real world through a lens and make reality disappear”

Yes, people mostly consider it as a memory and a way of remembering the past, and the thought of time being stopped for a while seems amazing. True, but have you ever thought of reading between the lines? Find the truth behind the picture? How they feel? What they think?

When I take a picture I try to capture something unique or the natural beauty. I try to be different and even though some people don’t like what I capture I still do what I love. Most of my photos are black and white and I have no idea why. My friends noticed that I am into a vintage style and it’s probably true. But I guess there is a beauty when a picture is in black and white.

Look at the real world through a lens and make reality disappear.

See something you like? Capture it.