Pancake Day Traditions

February is known for one tradition: Valentine’s day. Though this is true, February is a month that celebrates many other traditions too. One of these is Pancake day.

Pancake day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is a traditional day in many countries that takes place the last Tuesday before Lent (exactly 47 days before Easter). It was originally created because Lent meant people had to starve for 47 days as Jesus did, (according to the bible). So that nothing went to waste they used all the ingredients they could find to make one last meal. These ingredients usually included eggs, milk and flour which of course makes: Pancakes!

Back in the 13th Century, when the tradition was first started, people used to use this day to make their last confessions and this would happen straight after breakfast. At around 10 o’clock, a church bell would ring to call for the start of the confession time and this became to be known as “The Pancake Bell”.

Today this tradition is still around but most people eat pancakes and go to confession even if they don’t really follow the Lent part. Even people who don’t follow the catholic church eat pancakes for breakfast on Shrove Tuesday as it has become something of a tradition for everyone worldwide.

Other than eating pancakes though, pancake day is something that people celebrate in other ways too. There are three-legged races, flipping pancakes’ contests and way more other events as well. My personal favourite is a stacking pancakes contest. You make as many pancakes as you can in a certain amount of time and then pile them on top of each other. If they fall, you’re out!

If you have never heard of this exciting tradition before, or you’ve never tried it out, try it out this year! It’s something that does not take up your whole day and all you have to do is cook pancakes! Enjoy!

(This year Pancake Day was on the 17th of February)