An Italian in Thailand

Arancia, Staff Writer

24th December 2014

It’s Christmas Eve and we’ve just arrived in the capital. Bangkok is probably one of the most chaotic and confusing cities I’ve ever been to. Tuk-tuks (the typical means of transport used in Bangkok) shoot past the taxi on our way to the hotel…people chat on the sidewalks, unconcerned about the beetles running up and down the streets. After what seems an eternity, we arrive at the hotel where we can finally rest for a few hours. I don’t know if I’ll survive here…


25th December 2014

Christmas day. Today was our first official day in Bangkok and we were thrown in another dimension; people everywhere, kids running around and merchants trying to sell us fabrics, scented candles and every kind of amulet. We had the chance to visit the royal palace. There are not enough words to describe it. It is simply magnificent; blue, green, yellow and golden little pieces of glass adorned the buildings around me. At first I found myself a little disorientated because I wasn’t used to all this gaudiness, but a moment after I was came to my senses. We didn’t receive any sort of presents today nor did we celebrate Christmas at all but, after all, it has been a great day!


28th December 2014

These few days here in Bangkok have been just perfect, despite the traffic jam, beetles and the weird smells that spread through the city streets. Unfortunately it’s time to take the plane and fly to Koh Panghan. The transfer from the capital to the island has been even worse than what I had to go through on my way to Thailand. We had to take 3 taxis and 2 aeroplanes to arrive at the hotel!


31st December 2014

Last day of the year. The life on the island has been amazing so far. From our bungalow we have an astonishing view of the ocean, and the beach is just 5 minutes away from where we sunbathe. To celebrate the end of 2014 my mom and I are going to the beach where a good Thai dinner is waiting for us. Tonight has been mind-blowing, but unlike other people, I wasn’t paying attention to the guys that were performing all the amazing tricks with sticks on fire. In fact, my attention was focused on the magical paper lanterns flying above our heads which were handed out to all the guests of the restaurant just before midnight. The lanterns, flying up up in the night sky and getting smaller and smaller as the wind blew them far away, reminded me of shining stars in the darkness of nightfall…


1st January 2015

First day of the year. I never really understood why people are so excited when the New Year comes; after all, today is just like another boring, normal day. The only exception is that there’s no school…


4th January 2015

The water here is one of the clearest I’ve ever swam in. I can actually see my feet under the water. Today is our last day here; we rented a motorcycle and we’re visiting the island, where all the secrets of the inhabitants are kept. Marvellous temples are decorated even more beautifully. Little shops hiding mysteries and waterfalls reflecting the light, forming incredible rainbows in the sky. I suddenly realise that I’m going to miss all of this. The people bowing in front of each other as a sign of respect; these infinite stretches of colors; my endless bathes in the clear sea…