Pick Autumn

Diana, Copy Editor

September 24th to December 22nd is the period of the year called autumn.

Keeping in mind that, yes, global warming has affected the temperatures, giving us either a terribly hot autumn, or a prematurely freezing one, autumn is the greatest season of them all.

This might seem biased, but let’s analyse. Starting off with winter, we can all say we couldn’t live without the romantic snowy scenarios or the cosy evenings under the quilt. Consider the differences of what people actually do, we can say winter is a very uncomfortable season. Wearing  cute winter outfits or covering up with fancy bedcovers of the coverlet are not what we all do in the cold winter months.

Our outfits composed of a fluffy jacket and a thin blue coloured jumper and leggings WILL NOT keep us warm. So we end up wearing three t-shirts, 2 jumpers, a huge coat, leggings with jeans on top, 4 pairs of socks, boots, a hat, earmuffs, gloves AND a scarf. In substance we go out all looking like foolish people that individually take up half of the sidewalk. All judging each other as if we weren’t dressed exactly the same. Or even worse judged by those who don’t feel cold, or look at you as if you were a ridiculous human that over exaggerates under cold temperatures.

Not forgetting that if we were to leave the winter behind, we could decide to leave for an exotic destination, and pack 20 suitcases only for a day. (And no I am not exaggerating).

So one would say, SUMMER! We get to leave for the seaside; we make memories, get a tan line under the warm sun. IF IT WERE WARM, I’d love it too…though we have to be honest with ourselves, it is not only warm. It’s hot, scorching, fiery weather that only makes us sweat.

For all of us who can’t spend 2 months or so on the beach, we stay in the city. Here we are all wonderfully cramped on small busses with a huge mass of heated and sweaty people that all get to joyfully stay attached to each other. Taking into account the smell and sweat, we can all say that getting off that bus can be considered as a life miracle, as something which pushes us to be healthy, and maybe next time waking up earlier and reaching our destination by foot…

So if we have to pass from one extreme to another, let’s all love Spring. Lovely flowers, wonderful colours, and a time to show off the cute dresses and bodies, which were hidden under the 5 coats moments earlier. So yes, let’s all do that.

Unless, like me, you are one of those lucky ones… You have allergies.

It’s not only me, my dear readers. Considering the new generations, I can tell you with precision that 7.8 million children report  respiratory allergies caused by the allergens spread in spring, and the statistics say that worldwide we are approaching the 50-60 percentile of children between the age of 3-18 who are affected by allergies. So no, it is not only me.

Let me therefore illustrate to you what life is like for a person with allergies during spring. You start off with the first symptoms that could just be seen as a normal cold. With no winter weather you can obviously recognise it’s allergies! Given that it is probably your infinite year under the control of allergies, you literally start feeling like you are not going to want to live again.

(Yes, control over your life, your bag is filled with medicines and tissues and you can’t breath properly, your head hurts, so most of your activities will be ruined AND even without telling you people think you have a cold and don’t want to stay around you. Because during winter we are all sick, now you are the ugly duckling across the vast mass of judges).

Continuing the steps that proceed the realization and the desire of hibernation, are the purchase of 200 tissue packets and countless doses of medicines (which make you waste time and get dizzy on a daily basis).

And finally after a month of torture, you get a week or so where you feel like a new person, though as soon as you start throwing away you tissues, spring hasn’t ended, and a new wave of allergens spread around you, and its all over again.

Considering my absolutely impartial analysis, or maybe not as much, I can say autumn is the best season of them all. The trees look aesthetically pleasing, the ground is positively gleaming, and everything gets a little more atmospheric. Piles of leaves are fun to kick around and jump into. When there is fog you feel a little like Sherlock Holmes. There are hot drinks and spiced pumpkin. You can dress fancy  whether it’s a cold autumn or a little warmer. Because there are no extremes in Autumn.