Running Away



Everything you’re running away from is in your head

Everyone has that feeling when they feel like they can’t take it anymore. Where they feel the need to get away from all of the problems.

But we don’t realise that the problems are inside of us. We keep on running in circles trying to get rid of this demon which is following us but we just can not get rid of it. We change into different people.We turn cold. We don’t know what is happening to us anymore and have an awful sensation. We push away the people we care about the most and when during free time overthink. The thinking slowly kills us. Most of our days we spend being tired as sleepless nights become part of our routine. We stop trying; we don’t feel anything anymore. We give up.

This feeling we have inside makes us anxious and fidgety. We hate it when people talk loudly and get really uncomfortable when people around talk.  And people deal with it in different ways. Some write, some compose songs, and some do physical activities. There are so many other ways to get away for a few hours from our thoughts. Even though it is only a few hours it is worth it.

We are prisoners of our thoughts.