Miley Cyrus, A tale of 2 opinions – Federica

Federica, Feature's Writer

Let’s face it, the new Miley Cyrus could have gained a million qualities but when it comes to vulgarity she is the Queen. 

Her aim might be to show she’s a grown up woman now, to show she’s not the Hannah Montana girl she has been pictured as during her teens but indecency is not the way to prove it.

A grown up woman should have some self respect, not sell her body to the media. A grown up woman should contain her language not talk like a twelve year old kid who wants to show off he’s a big boy now.

Yes, her new songs, I must admit, are beautiful and she’s very talented but the obscene videos kill everything that’s good in her music. We could call her a new Lady Gaga or Britney Spears but if I were her I wouldn’t be so happy. “Wow”, you could say, she’s being compared to two worldwide pop stars but they’re certainly not the ones with the best reputations; and nowadays reputation is fundamental.

If Miley Cyrus really believes in what she’s trying to show the world and is not using this situation to publicise herself (remember bad publicity is the best publicity) she should go back on the right track and get rid of her childhood in a more mature and genuine way.

It’s all fun and games when you’re young but when you get older you’ll end up regretting many things you did (because you just thought they were cool) and dignity is not an easy thing to win back.