World Poverty


Courtesy of Presidio Group

Children in Belize

World Poverty … Let’s gather all together, together to get better. Let’s change now. Let’s come together and think. Why? What for? To make a change and simply… help.

We, together, have to help those who do not even know what help is. We, together, have to donate small amounts which seem nothing to us but are priceless to others. Altogether let us reduce suffering. At school we decided to really think about poverty in the world in the weeks leading up to World Poverty Day on the 17th of October. It is an important date not to be forgotten as  it gives us the opportunity to reflect carefully, something some people don’t actually do often.

Have you ever thought about how much five euros is really worth? Have you ever thought how much it would mean to someone else leaving your water running for ten seconds more than you need to? Well there is an answer, 22,000 children die every dayand you could save half of them just by donating a small amount of money or turning off your tap when you don’t need it. In addition more than 700 million of people** don’t have access to clean drinking water. And when you throw away leftover food, think about this; that 870 million people*** in the world do not have have food to eat.

Have you ever thought about how much five euros is really worth?

This is our opportunity to think. This is the right moment to ask ourselves if we are really behaving like humans or  like non-caring greedy creatures. This is when we ask ourselves if it is so difficult to sustain the poorest by donating a very small amount of money.

Your ‘insignificant’ sacrifice could save thousands. Help them, please.



** (UN Water)

*** (Food and Agriculture Organisation)