Christmas Drivers

Lorenzo G., Staff Writer

Reindeers are, of course, the most Christmassy animal that you can think of.

They’re not really endangered, as they are on the WWF’s “least concerned” list. But reindeers are not as common as you’d think.

They have a long brownish coat, which helps to protect from the low temperatures of their usual habitats, which are Northern Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and Alaska.

Sorry for those of you who believe in Father Christmas, but no reindeers live in the North (or South Pole). As a matter of fact, only penguins live in the North Pole, but they can’t fly and they are not as flashy as reindeers, so that’s why Father Christmas prefers the latter.

Of course, reindeers can’t fly either, but with some Christmas “Hocus Pocus” anything can happen. Trust me.