Christmas around the world

Gilan, Staff Writer

The 25th of  December. A date that surely you all remember, a date that probably you will remember for the rest of your lives. Of course it is Christmas, one of the most celebrated and ancient feasts in the whole world. A feast that fills with light and happiness every place and heart in the whole world.

I know you are saying  to yourself “we know what Christmas is, we know the date and we know personally what feelings it gives us”. But are you sure that you really know what the real Christmas spirit is like? Do you really know how people all around the world celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is different  in every country. For example in the Bahamas Christmas is recognised as Junkanoo, and it is celebrated on the 26th of December.

In the Bahamas they don’t decorate a tree,put lights on it or hang  mistletoe on the door, or bake panettoni,pandori or Christmas puddings. They celebrate Junkanoo in an original and unique way. On this day the streets in the Bahamas overflow with gigantic parades  people dancing the merengue (their traditional dance) dressed in the craziest and most attractive clothes ever seen.

The Bahamas archipelago on Junkanoo fills with all types of  music that the population enjoys and usually dances along to. The Bahamas are really famous for their fish,so instead of having a turkey on their Christmas table, they boil or fry a wide variety of fish.

For dessert they eat one of the most popular Bahamian sweets ,the Guava Duff,a cake flavoured with guava a really rare fruit that grows only in some tropical countries.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Make this year the occasion to experience a different type of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.