An interview with novelist Alessandro D’Avenia


Lorenzo G., Staff Writer

Our school was visited by one of the most important contemporary writers. He spoke to us about his life and works, and most people found it very inspiring! 

His name is Alessandro D’Avenia, and you can immediately see how passionate he is about his work just by looking at the gleam that crosses his eyes when he talks about it. By day he is a teacher at the Liceo San Carlo, Milano but he is also a writer, who has published two books; Bianca come il latte, Rossa come il Sangue  and Cose che nessuno sa.

We spoke together for a while, (the full interview is coming up) about his past, his inspiration etc… and he appeared to me as a person who loves life, who is completely satisfied with what he has and who would never let himself be defeated or give up on his ideals.