Affordable Art Fair

Enrico, Contributor

As you arrive at the fair, a huge pink inflated cube greets you. There are hanging CDs, which seem to rain down from above. Whilst people enter the Superstudiopiù building others leave with canvases and sculptures packed in bubble wrap and gleaming pink tape.

I am not describing a fairy tale setting, but the fourth annual Affordable Art Fair in Milan. With over 80 galleries showing work from international artists, you are able to view interesting pieces of contemporary art from different artistic currents. Founded 15 years ago, the Affordable Art Fair Movement has sold over 238 million euros worth of artwork and helped many paintings and sculptures find a home.

This is an extremely fresh and “young” event which is useful for starting to understand how art collections are built. It also explores the latest trends in the world of art, one of which is the use of strong, neon colors and the overlapping of images, especially in the new sector of 3-D collages.

In the end, as Andy Warhol thought, art should be accessible to everyone, and not only to those who have millions to invest in paintings or sculptures

The aim of the Affordable Art Fair is to showcase “affordable” art, as the title suggests. All the pieces have prices that below €5000 and some are also featured on a “below €500” wall, which includes interesting and “cheap” artwork!

The Affordable Art Fair will be up and running in Milan until Sunday, March 9th, and if you decide to visit, you will also be able to meet some of the  Fair’s artists who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Entrance is free if you are under 16.

The venue for this event is Via Tortona, 27 (reachable with the M2 Green Line, stop Porta Genova). Once you arrive in Porta Genova, bright pink signs will guide you to the location of the fair.

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