Bangerz – Music Review

Bangerz refers to hit songs. I didn’t really agree, until I heard all the songs on the album. Each song is special and powerfully personal to the listener.

We all know Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop, but the album gives us an even bigger shock.

We hear Britney Spears in third track, SMS where both artists rap to a catchy tune. But the line ‘a tree in my lap’ is what throws people off. The song’s lyrics are really hard to decode. Miley has moved on from the pop music she used to make. She has taken black culture and used it in her music. She’s rapping and singing as if it was a gospel record with a hip-hop flow.

The first track, Adore You is a romantic ballad with a sad theme. It is a special song that will touch you emotionally with its slow ballroom tempo with a twist of hip hop to it. Miley uses an echo chamber to make her voice sound like it’s in pain.  A VERY clever way to sing a love song.

Miley has moved on from the pop music she used to make”

— Emil

For those who think the old Miley is gone, well there are tracks such as, My Darlin, Drive, (perfect use of pitch) Someone Else and Maybe you’re Right where she sounds like she used to. Her scratchy voice is back and she screams her words with emotion.

4×4, is a real country song. It’s fast paced and a very catchy tune.

I’m not saying Miley is the same person with a better voice, her music theme has changed in some songs as well, such as, Love, Money, Party, and Do My Thang where she has clearly been influenced by the ‘street gangster’ style of LA. She shows a ‘bad’ side to her, with hard edgy lyrics especially in Do my Thang.

Miley is experimenting with different styles, and it’s very entertaining to listen to these tracks; very inspirational to young artists.

Watching Miley live singing “Wrecking Ball” I thought her voice had not changed, but WOW she really has changed. It’s beyond amazing. She also uses the sound of R&B in the song Hands in the Air with Ludacris.

Miley is entitled to her own artistic opinion, if you don’t like it, just like switch the channel; I just don’t find the need to constantly hate”

— Lady Gaga

Miley’s use of soul and gospel has really made her songs very enjoyable to listen to. Her really fun, gospel sounding song #Getitright finally shows Miley’s vocal range.

I saved the best song for last, Rooting for My Baby. I find it too beautiful to even play. And I’m serious when I say this. It has a sweet tone and a background sound that makes you want to sing along. It’s about how love can get hard, but that in the end, we root for each other and can get through things.

Miley shows a real singing talent. I guarantee people will love this album, it’s personal, vocally powerful, fun, experimental and most of all, beautiful.