Year 12 Visits The Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years in Venice.

The formal Biennale is based at a park, the Giardini, which consists of large halls that represent art from different countries.  Recently the Arsenale has also been added to the formal Biennale programme too. Art exhibitions in the Arsenale are from younger artists and artists of  nationalities not represented by the permanent national pavilions.

… the art from different countries was unique, best thing was the video of the surgery.

— Luke

On the 4th of October, Year 12 had the opportunity to go to Venice and take a tour around the exhibition.

Our art quest began at 11am and from that moment we went from pavilion to pavilion observing the extraordinary, unique pieces of artwork.  The atmosphere of the day was extravagant.  Venice’s beauty along with the mind-blowing masterpieces was mesmerizing. Even though we spent 4 hours wandering at the Giardini, it was impossible for us to visit all of the pavilions.

Later that day we had the chance to see the artwork in the Arsenale. It was quite different from the ones we saw in the Giardini. It was rather peculiar and zany. It was the modern side of art. It was art that had no boundaries. There were rooms with shocking pictures of changing faces and multiple videos of artwork. One of the videos that caught my attention was the one about the abdominal operation. Basically, they showed us the insides of our intestines. Many people would not consider that art while others would debate that it is.

 Then again what is art? What is art to me may be something else to you.

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