Our first few months in Year 10



Our outside space

For us in Year 10, it was a bit more challenging than for the other year groups. When we set foot in Palazzo Archinto for the first time on September 7th, some people already knew each other, while others had no idea who they would relate to that day. The first day of school was full of contrasting emotions; meeting new people was extremely exciting, except for the part where you had to approach the people to meet and get to know them. That was probably one of the most arduous things we had to face. Throughout the day, everyone was very welcoming; the school even set up a breakfast for us all in the garden! They had planned many activities, so we could get to know each other and settle in. 

A huge thank you from all the Year 10s goes to Ms Cozzi, who has had a unique approach towards all of us. You can tell she deeply cares about our emotions and  how we will settle into school. 


Coming from a French school, my expectations were pretty high, and St Louis staff and people completely fulfilled them. At my previous school, teachers wouldn’t take time after classes ended to explain a topic to you again to ensure that you fully understood it. Here at St Louis, I can sense that it’s different. Everyone is keen to help you and ensure that whenever you have a problem, you will be supported in whatever way possible. There is a compelling sense of community and equality. 


I had just moved to Italy from Australia around August and had already had many culture shocks in my short time in here. Coming to school was one of them. My old school in Australia was not only an all-girls school but also had a stricter uniform and a different timetable and starting time, so adjusting to this new environment took quite a while. It was also tough overcoming the language barrier, as I did and still do not speak Italian very well. Still, everyone was very welcoming and kind towards me and offered to help me learn Italian. Overall it was very daunting at first coming to this new school, but over time I got used to it.