Silver And Gold We Bring Them All Home

St Louis Has Goals 

St Louis soccer teams scored big at the MED Cup this year. During the four day tournament in Verona our 3 teams U18 girls, U18 boys and U16 boys all competed against players from all over Europe. Tommaso B, the outstanding U16 boys player of the tournament, supported his team to 1st place in silver league.

The U18 girls persevered through the arduous competition placing themselves second on the podium. With the addition of our super star Emma C. receiving acknowledgment for her outstanding performance at the tournament. The U18 boys took home the gold after their nerve-racking and nail biting penalties which they won 4-2 defeating the Geneva squad.

It was a truly international tournament with teams competing from Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Spain and Greece.

The teams would like to thank the great support they received from their inspiring coaches: Mr Mallord, Miss Arcus, Miss Patton and Miss Kirke.