A few weeks ago we all had a great chance to experience ‘Sports Day’. Basically Sports Day is a great opportunity to spend time with your friends, learn how to work in teams, sense the competitive spirit, challenge yourself in the different spectrum of activities, do some great sports outdoors and above all ‘skip’ school. We interviewed a few people to find out how students feel and what they think about this particular event according to their own experiences. 


Did you like this sports day experience? State one thing you liked the most. 

Emma.V: What I liked the most about sports day was the possibility to stay with your friends while being competitive in fair matches as well as doing physical activity. The spirit raised by us students and teachers was unforgettable, the experience was amazing. The events I enjoyed the most as a student were the music and cheering we started on the tribunes and the teachers run. Participating was fun too. 

Sharon: Sure, but it was quite cold. The thing I liked the most was playing tug of war.

Sofia.M: I enjoyed sports day because I managed to meet new people that I didn’t have contact with before. What I liked most about sports day was the idea of working together ‘as a team’ like tug of war, volleyball etc… which improved and consolidated the relationship between us students.

– Was it better compared to the previous sports days (if you were present at those ones)? 

Emma.V: I wasn’t in St. Louis when they had sports day but in my old school we used to celebrate it with “less serious” games in the courtyard. I loved how we raced in a location off school and the athletic field made it look cool, huge, amazing and serious. I’d say it was better than my previous sports day also because we got to watch other year groups as well. 

Sharon: Compared to the one I did before it wasn’t much better, as there were more different kinds of activities in Nigeria (in my previous school) for example bicycle racing which I really liked. Also we did it in April not September which was better because it wasn’t cold and the weather was perfect. 

Sofia.M: It was actually better because it felt more like a fun activity instead of a stressful competition where students are scared to make their team lose, leading to a stressful experience.


– What would you change about it in order to improve the quality of this activity and make the experience more interesting and exciting?

Emma.V : I would have liked to have seen more face paint but done there together and students separated in houses rather than in forms. I would have liked more seriousness in the volleyball game and given the possibility to participate in all the activities provided if wanted without recurring to a minimum number of people per game, some students were left out. 

Sofia.M: Next time better organisation could be preferred. For example, I won the 400 metre running competition but no one called me for the finals, or the fact that random people took my place during activities as there wasn’t a clear list of the people who clearly signed up for the event and the ones who didn’t.