As The Bear Market Draws To A Close, The Future Of Blockchain Technology Promises To Be Explosive.

The growing link between crypto and traditional assets suggests that the bear market will be coming to an end shortly. Risky assets like Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are likely nearing their support line ready to rebound.

The price of the most popular crypto asset (Bitcoin) falls in lockstep with the stock market; this is usually seen as a one-time occurrence.
Although cryptocurrency is a new asset class, it resembles the NASDAQ. It’s now highly connected. It’s normal to be in the middle of a bear market, possibly near the end, when everything starts performing the same, which brings signs that we must “buy the dip” and “hodl” as Bitcoin Halving is close to an end.

I can’t tell you how excited and confident I am that these platforms are going to transform the world and are entering exponential growth trajectories, given the dullness in the equity and bond markets today, and now with increases in the commodities markets and crypto. In the IT and telecom bubble, the reality we see today was merely a pipe dream. Blockchain is one of a number of industries that have the potential for rapid growth. We will never see anything like the possibilities we have now. According to multiple predicting sources, this really disruptive innovation is currently valued at around $10 trillion in worldwide public equity markets, or roughly 10% of the global equity market valuation. We can reasonably infer that $10 trillion is going to scale to $210 trillion by the year 2030, this thanks to genomic sequencing, robotics, adoptive robotics, energy storage, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.