Year 10 Computer Science Fair

Mr Simpson

A mini science fair was created at the High School to give Year 10 Computer Science students the opportunity to present the work undertaken this term while they learned how to use their CodeBug devices.

 The students had no prior knowledge of these devices, nor how to connect sensors, buzzers or LEDs, when the course began in September so to have all students successfully present a working project they had researched, designed and built in just over a month was a fantastic sight.
 The projects demonstrated included home alarms, birthday cards, simple games, stopwatches, countdown timers, music players and street lighting simulations. The students were extremely enthusiastic about explaining their projects and the successes and learning opportunities encountered along the way.
 Next term the students will take their feedback from the presentations and begin the final part of their LAUNCH project: releasing their code and experiences through via website to the general public.