Year 10 Raises a whopping €880 for refugees!

Speaking on behalf of Year 10, I am happy to announce that on International Day, we raised approximately 880 euros for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

We enjoyed this unique opportunity and hope all the school community did too, eating our delicious, freshly prepared snacks from every part of the world! The money, which rapidly increased, due to the generous and caring parents and teachers, will go to refugees which have fled from unsafe countries, reaching Europe, in countries such as: Italy, Turkey, Greece and Hungary.

Some of these people are now living in seriously bad conditions, being left in the streets as if they were waiting for their death, trying to survive without water, food and shelter as some countries have refused to open their borders and let them at least enter.

The goal of the UNHCR is to help refugees, giving them the basic necessities a human being should always have. Our school will send the money we have raised at International Day directly to the UNHCR, helping the refugees in every possible way.  

In conclusion, Year 10 has put its effort and spirit in making every aspect of International Day as delightful as possible and we truly hope to have done a good job and that people have appreciated our hard work in making, running and cleaning up of the stall.