A Goodbye

Hannah, Staff Writer

Last week one of our staff members, Hannah, left St. Louis School. Here is an anonymous goodbye letter sent to us by one of her closest friends:


I never knew how to say goodbye to a friend and I never will know; they say it’s one of the hardest things to do.

I had always told myself “its life, we have to continue living”, that was until now. People react differently to things, have different ways to get over, but I don’t know how to. Having to say goodbye to a friend that I’ve known since childhood, destroyed me. Literally. 

I didn’t know whether to talk to her or ignore her; I guess that was the wrong thing to do… But I couldn’t bare to talk to her or look her in the eyes, it hurt too much. I’ve been a bit stubborn, I wouldn’t want to listen to her when she tried to talk to me and I didn’t think that, maybe, I was hurting her.

I usually run away from all the problems that I encounter, even though I realised not long ago, that they keep on following me wherever I go; and as such, she kept on following me.

At a certain point throughout the day I finally gave up (by gave up I mean ‘started crying’); both of us were emotional wrecks. I told her everything I felt and all of my thoughts: it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and ever will do. I thought of different ways I could tell her goodbye, but I stopped myself because, suddenly, I realised that this wasn’t a goodbye, this was just like every other day, I would just say bye.

Yes, I won’t be able to see her everyday or talk to her in person, but I still will be able to see her during weekends and the holidays, or simply talk to her over the phone. So I finally told myself to just goodbye; after all, my friendship with her is forever and nothing will ever break us apart.