Enrico’s Photography Exhibit – Update



The Syrian Civil War has torn a country apart and especially it’s younger population that now has no schools to attend, no food to eat, no water to drink and no hopes for a bright future.

My objective through this CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) initiative was to stop in time and transfer on glossy paper some finer moments for others that will inevitably remain permanently imprinted in their minds.

I decided to raise funds to support the Syria Emergency Campaign, and the micro-project #childrenofsyria by setting up a photography exhibition at school. These funds will help reopen schools in Syria and provide goods and essential services to the young citizens of Syria.

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away”

— Eudora Welty

Mozoun, a 16 year-old girl from the Zaatari Refugee Camp said “I think that everyone should go to school no matter where they are or how old they are. With education we can overcome the biggest challenges.”

The Exhibition is now over and I have been able to raise €150,00 that I have donated entirely to UNICEF for the Syria Emergency Campaign project that is now ongoing. Visit http://www.unicef.org/emergencies/syria/ for further information and should you wish to donate some money.

The receipt of the donation together with the latest Children Of Syria News Update from UNICEF (you can find a digital copy of the latest issue at http://childrenofsyria.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/MENA-Children-of-Syria-newsletter-24-October-2013-En.pdf) is available to all on the CAS noticeboard.

I would like to thank all the students and teachers that have purchased photos from the Photography Exhibition and hope that I will be able to set up something like this again in St. Louis!