Career Choices

Gaia , Staff Writer

Some Year 10 students are taking career guidance tests. This is a wonderful opportunity to understand what could be our potential job in the future. The programme our school is using provides ongoing support for students from age 15 to 23 through a series of online assessments.

Some people already know what they would like to do when they grow up. For example Tommaso in Year 10 wants to become a doctor. At our age it is totally normal to be confused and only have a vague idea about what to do at university or as a job.

When our teachers were our age some of them didn’t have clear ideas either and took career guidance tests to help them. Career tests aren’t necessarily always right regarding the resulting career choices but they do identify the student’s strengths which is very important.

Apparently the tests that Miss Tucker and Mr. Scullion took suggested they should become a nun and a priest respectively. They could both have been working in a church by now. It is important not to completely rely on career tests. Although they were advised to try these careers they headed in a completely different direction. This is because they both had clear ideas about what they wanted to do since high school. Mr. Scullion decided at fourteen years that he wanted to become a Math’s teacher while Miss Tucker wanted to be a vet.

This proves that the future is very unpredictable and  that we should trust our instincts not only our friends, family or a test. We are very young and we should also  learn to live in the present!