An Insider’s View of the Student Council

Being able to be a part of the Student Council gives you a sense of importance that before you didn’t have. You are the voice of the students.

When you have any position in the Student Council, you feel as though you have the responsibility to make sure that for the remainder of the year, the school’s students have a good time. This is done by organising themed events, but I feel when you are in such a position, you want to make sure that your friends are in a good place. Not just enjoying themselves, but also making sure that they are confident and capable of doing whatever they want and being whoever they want to be.

Being part of the Student Council means that you have the people’s voice in your hands. You have the power of making their year a memorable one or just a year, like any other. This is also why ‘getting in’ is not very easy. We had to initially write a letter to the Deputy Head) on why we thought we should be part of the Student Council and, what made us a valuable member of the Student Body.

After that we had an interview with both the Deputy and Head Teacher. Here we would need to interact in a formal manner, further explaining who we were and why we would like to take part in the Student Council. It was a lot of stress in a short period of time, because in the following days they told us, one by one who would be able to take part in the organisation.

There are seven of us, and there are no harsh feelings between us. This also makes the work we need to do, much easier because we need to organise a large number of events, and feed into our group a lot of ideas that can be turned into projects for the school.

The work we need to do started the same week that we got our places. We needed to organise the Halloween party. Because of the short period of time that we had, the organisation of this event, was very difficult. We had to find a good location and more importantly, we had to decide what we were going to do.

Although there were moments where there was a lot to be done, we managed the situation as a group and worked together. This year’s  Student Council has only, and we hope to leave a positive impact on the school.

The Student Council consists of Alessandro – Head Boy, Margherita – Head Girl, Giacomo – Deputy Head, Carola and Martina L – Promotion Officers, Diletta – Charity Officer and Matilda – Events Officer.