Welcome Back!


The 2015/16 Academic Year has already started full speed, and on behalf of the current St. Louis School Student Council I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all those Students returning to St. Louis School for another exciting year of high school. A special welcome goes to all new Students and Staff joining us for what will surely be a stimulating academic year.

The results of the School’s first round of IBDP examinations have been extremely impressive, and should serve as a motivator for all Students, who should always remember that what truly matters throughout the High School experience is fulfilling their full potential.

Hard work and involvement both in the curriculum and extra curricular activities are required, but also learning how to balance work and rest is a skill that is ideally to be mastered through High School. This year will indubitably pose difficulties to all Students and Staff every once in a while, but what is important to remember is that perseverance is paramount for success.

Once again, I wish you all an amazing year at St. Louis!