St. Louis on the Slopes – Ski Trip in Courmayeur

Carol, Staff writer

On the 30th of January, St. Louis students, ranging from Year 2 to Year 13, together with parents and teachers, gathered in Courmayeur to participate in a day of enjoyment with snow and skis. It is a great opportunity to involve all skiers in the school and have a rest from hard working school days.

Courmayeur Ski Resort

The students departed from Milan at 6:00 in the morning with the school bus and arrived at Courmayeur Dolonne’s square at 9:00. After some preparations and equipment rentals, they met with their ski instructors at Plan Chécrouit, together with students who arrived at Courmayeur independently. The snow activities started at 9:45 and the ski competition started at 10:30. After the competition is finished, students had lunch with their ski instructors.

After the day’s activities are done, students, parents and teachers return to the Mountain Lodge Super G for the award ceremony, where the winners of the competition are announced and celebrated with food and drinks.

Award Ceremony at Super