Holly Jolly Christmas Movies!


14+ HBO Max

What is better than being wrapped in blankets, sipping on hot chocolate and getting the chills from a Sci-fi Christmas movie? If you said nothing, you are absolutely correct. No other movie is able to pull this off other than “Gremlins”. It starts off with a clueless man looking for a present for his son. When he goes deep into Chinatown, a shopkeeper is willing to give him a ‘mogwai’, a furry little creature. But there is a catch. You must NEVER expose it to light, water or food past midnight. However, when the night before Christmas Eve finally comes, not only has Billy seemed to have accidentally dropped his water… but his mogwai is gone. 



6+ Netflix

Onions have layers, ogres have layers, and so does Christmas ham. The legendary character Shrek has his very own Christmas movie, “Shrek the Halls”; a great way to feel nostalgic during Christmas time. This little comedy starts off with his annoying friend Donkey urging him to get into the holiday season. To amuse his wife Fiona and kids, he goes to Far Far Away in search of a plan. Since he is obviously unaware of what a true Christmas looks like, he uses a book called  “Christmas For Village Idiots ‘. Now being a Christmas know-it-all , Shrek hosts the best Christmas Eve. However, when Donkey brings his family to the swamp, Shrek’s plans go crashing downhill just like a boulder, or should I say an onion. 



PG Hulu/Prime Video

This movie may look like a low budget, boring Christmas film on the outside but it is truly an underrated movie that deserves more praise. Arthur Christmas is a family friendly movie that is about Santa’s clumsy son (Arthur) who finds out that a little girl’s Christmas gift has been misplaced. Arthur wants to save Christmas for the young girl and deliver the present before Christmas day..



12+ Disney

Are you a fan of Alice in Wonderland? Do you love Christmas? Then this movie is right for you! Based on the story of the Nutcracker this heartwarming movie is a great one to watch during Christmas. This movie is about a girl (Clara) who gets a strange gift from her mother that transports her on a journey through four realms where she must find a way back home before she gets stuck there forever…