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The United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union one hour before midnight on Friday 12th April. If Theresa May isn’t able to scramble something together the UK will leave with no deal, this would be catastrophic. Mrs. May understands this and said in a video, which was released on Sunday: “leaving the European Union with a deal or not leaving at all”. However, if she doesn’t get a deal and the UK remains part of the EU, she would be humiliated and might be forced into resignation. In fact, the Conservative party is very unsatisfied of May’s efforts and other rival parties are already preparing their campaigns to replace her.

So it appears that the Theresa May era is coming to an end and that her efforts were a complete waste of everyone’s time, but she is definitely not the type that will go down without a fight. Here is what to come in the next few days:

  1. A bill from MP, Yvette Cooper is supposed to pass tonight. It is meant to prevent a no-deal Brexit which no one wants, but May could resort to if she has no other alternative other than a nation wide humiliation and loss. This bill would give Theresa May the power to make an extension for any length that she would like. This would buy her some much needed time and put the EU again on hold. This bill is very popular with the members of the House of Lords and will probably be passed.
  2. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have begun talks about a cross party agreement. May made a very large offer to Corbyn, specifically on remaining in the Customs Union which would not be possible without Corbyn’s help and support. However such an agreement would cause a split between each party and would decide the country even more, which would only cause more confusion. It would also make the Labour Party members very unhappy, because with such an agreement they would be supporting Brexit, which is exactly what they do not want.
  3. Thanks to the Cooper bill, if it passes and receives Royal Assent, it will give May the chance to request an extension by law and not only because she needs more time. This would provide the request with more weight and could possibly convince the EU to give them another extension. However, the length of the extension is still completely up to the European Union, if they make the extension very short, Theresa May would be back to square one.

I asked a teacher and a student for a quick opinion, so that I could provide you with what the people think. Here is what they had to say:

Mrs. Oxley: I would like there to be a second referendum. People didn’t know what they were voting for and were heavily influenced by propaganda. Now that they have realized how complex and the magnitude of the impact it would have, they are untitled to another referendum. Also, the first referendum was passed with less than 60% of voters voting leave, this isn’t large enough a majority for such a big decision.

Anonymous Year 13 student: I will not go to America because of Trump, I won’t go to the UK because of Brexit. I will go to Russia, it’s the only other alternative.

My conclusion to this, is that it’s still all up in the air and we won’t know anything until Friday when Mrs May will have the chance to ask the EU for another extension.

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