Five Minutes With…Veronica

When thinking about the St.Louis community one cannot fail to refer to Veronica. Always smiling, she is a core element of St Louis! This week we decided to interview her for the section ‘5 minutes with’. 

S: Good afternoon Veronica, thank you for finding the time to answer these questions

V: You’re welcome I am excited to start!

S: For how long have you been working here?

V: A very long time… a full 7 years I would say!

S: We are aware of your previous work in the fashion industry, why did you decide to change to St.Louis in particular?

V: You see, I’m not a very glamorous person and don’t really care that much about fashion. I decided that I wanted to experience something new and when the opportunity of a new high school startup came about I immediately saw it as a challenge to embrace!

S: Would you say your skills developed in your previous work help you with your job at St.Louis?

V: Definitely! Most people would say that working in fashion or in the education system are polar opposites however I find that in both worlds similar skills are needed. From my experience I have learned that being organized is always the key!

S: Talking about organization, what does a day in Veronica’s shoes look like?

V: 24/7 multitasking and smiling

S: That sounds awesome! But what would you say is the best part about your job?

V: Definitely the relationships that develop between the parents and students. I always get surprised by how much of an impact each student makes on me and I am terribly sad when I see them leave however I know it’s in their best interests!

S: Would you say your best memories of St.Louis were the moments you spent with students then?

V: Absolutely! If I would have to choose my best memory out of all it was when I first saw the students and introduced myself to them. At my old job there were no kids so the first day that I came to St.Louis and saw all the students it was a very special moment that I will always remember.

S: Let’s talk a little bit about the school curriculum here at St.Louis. You are aware of our diploma program and the subject choices that each student has to make. But what subjects would you choose if you would be an IB student right now?

V: I think I’d go for Italian A, English B, Biology, Business and Maths Standard. Definitely standard.

S: Good choices! Except for the academics however we know that whenever students and teachers need some help the first person they think about is you, but what is the thing students ask you most often?

V: ‘Veroooooooo, can I call home?’

S: What about what you can tell us about the students, can you reveal to us a secret about St.Louis that only you can see from the hidden cameras?

V: Good question! If I tell you then it’s not a secret anymore! However I will say that the most fun part of my day is seeing students dancing and jumping around in the corridor!

S: Finally, how would you describe St.Louis’ atmosphere with one word?

V: Family