An unknown shape. With spikes, curves and mixture of wiggle lines. Round at the bottom and rounded tips. Red and orange, but the streaks of yellow are visible if eyes are squinted. The empowering blue sits at the bottom awaiting to take command.

Soft edges but violently spitting all over the place and shivers run up my spine at every touch. The smell of burning wood fills my nostrils and the crackling of wood calms the atmosphere. And every time I touch it, it makes me wonder.

Unable to carry, but the feeling is airy. This is how clouds must feel. Airy and light. Free and violent but mesmerising at the same time. Reflect on everyones eyes, the vivid but dangerous, colours. Heat radiating but making me feel wanted and cosy.

Stronger and dominant it gets. Begging and screaming for more wood to be added. Elongated it gets and red takes over. As the night goes on the calmer it gets. The spitting stops but crackling sounds continues. Grey ash fill the air. Forgotten. It stays there until the next day. and the flames die out. Vidushi