Take You To Tori Kelly

Hannah, Staff Writer

Tori Kelly is a 21-year-old American songwriter and singer who has recently started to come out with her stunning voice and unique talent. Apart from singing, she also knows how to play the guitar, the piano and the drums.

I personally find Tori Kelly’s music inspiring because all of her words speak so much truth, especially her newest song “Funny“. It is an original song that is down-to-earth, and her dynamic and passionate voice will give anyone the chills even after the first few seconds. Her songs will make you cry, smile, laugh and deal with the trials of love and life.

Her musical backgrounded, that started at the age of 12, has progressed through the years. In 2004 she was on America’s Most Talented Kids, singing ‘’Keep on Singin’ My Song’’ and winning against the famous singer Hunter Hayes. She was signed to Geffen Records soon after but, because of conflicting ideas, it was mutually agreed for her to be released. This setback did not stop her, and she continued to pursue her dreams.

In 2007, Tori began posting videos on Youtube and became famous with a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘’Thinkin’ Bout You’’ along with fellow Youtubers “Angi Girls”, and this video has received over 21 millions views as of now. Since then she has been uploading regular videos and has received around 83 million total views.

She even sang “Right There” with one of the number one singers on the charts, Ariana Grande, on her tour! In 2012, she released her first album “Handmade Songs”, which shows some of her best work to date.

I suggest that you take a few seconds to check out one of Tori Kelly’s amazing covers or one of her original hits. Trust me and Tori’s million Youtube subscribers when we tell you that you won’t be disappointed!