St Louis School in Cambodia?

In 1996, not so many years ago, a school was born in the heart of the capital of  fashion, Milan.

It started as a small school of just a few students, and now in 2014 it provides education to over 960 children. St.Louis has achieved its biggest goal, it recently completed all the stages of education and is an official International Baccalaureate World school.

Our adventure though does not stop here, we strongly want to promote education from all its aspects, not only academic but also pure education, raising open-minded citizens of the global community.

Finally after a lot of effort and research we have decided to create something unique. St.Louis School of Milan is ready to take a majestic step in the world of  education. We have in fact, officially entered a collaboration with an extraordinary charity, United World Schools that builds schools in underdeveloped countries.

The project will involve the whole school community; each and every student will be able to get involved to make it really extraordinary.


For further information about the wonderful work United World Schools undertakes visit