Letters from California

Chapal, US Correspondent

Dear Readers

A month ago, my life drastically changed. No longer was I sipping a cappuccino from a bar or strolling around the busy streets of Milan. What had happened?

Well I moved to California.

After a long 20 hour flight I finally touched the Californian ground. Actually 6 hours before that I landed at the JFK airport in New York. JFK airport has to be the busiest airport after UK’s Heathrow! That place was like the fish market of luggage. There was noise coming from every direction.

The most ironic part of my 2 hour stay at JFK airport as to be the fact that everything was so AMERICAN. Well of course, you are in America now, duh!

What I mean is everything fitted into all the stereotypes we have about The United States. As in fact, the first thing my mother told me as soon we landed was “why are there so many obese people here!” It was true. During our two and a half years in Milan, we had never seen this many obese people in one place like the JFK airport.

The walls of the airport said AMERICA all over it. It was a whole new level of propaganda. America the country of freedom.

Most of the people working at the airports, were very tall and buff. Quite intimidating actually. You could see from their faces that they were not here to play jolly games. They made me strip every piece of metal I had on me. From a tiny metal bracelet to my belt. I had passed through immigration in Italy but they were nowhere as strict as America.

After those two excruciating hours of standing in line, I finally boarded my 6 hour flight to Los Angeles. I was flying over American land and it finally hit me. My life won’t be the same.

This was the start of a new beginning …