Merry Christmas Little Grinches!

And it’s finally Holiday season!! Are you already hiding, you little grinches?

Please don’t!! How about I try to convince you not to?

Dear Little Grinches,
I would like to inform you that I wait all year for this holiday! So you better not hate! Why do I love christmas so much? Well, I think that christmas is probably one of the only holidays where families are “forced” to get all together. Where they have to be joyful, leaving behind all that has happened through the year, the fights or tears, and just love their relatives. We all know that feeling of not wanting to sit next to that crazy uncle or spoilt little niece, and really preferring to stay home. Trying in every way to take more time to reach home. And then, when the dinner is all over, and its time to go home, you wish the evening would never end.

If only we would remember this every year.

As the years go by, it seems people try to make Christmas start earlier and earlier, wanting everything to just “beginning to  look a lot like Christmas” in the words of Michael Buble. This is probably because some people want to put everyone in the mood. What mood you may ask? Well the Christmas one, joyful and happy.

I have always enjoyed Christmas, and the fact that the preparations for Christmas start early, in shops and in the streets, is simply wonderful. I mean seriously early though.

In Harrods, one week before Halloween, there were already Christmas-themed decorations and gifts. So when are the Halloween decorations put up?

Christmas can be seen though many points of view. For example you little Grinches, or Scrooges, don’t understand why people suddenly become so cheerful, and full of joy. As you would say “Hate. Hate. Hate. Double HATE!” Though, being such a joyful person myself, I am very pleased to announce that this year will be different for you little Grinches.

I mean, a little bit of joy has never hurt anyone, right? I want you to smile as you should normally do during this Christmas period. And with all these smiles, I am convinced that the Christmas spirit is just so strong, that you might just fall into the fist of it. Surrounded by all the love and happiness.
But who else celebrates Christmas?

Well, so many different people, celebrate in so many different ways because of different countries and cultures. What about some of your beloved celebrities. Queen Elizabeth II, starts to “sing Christmas songs” and enters into the “Christmas spirit”, during the summer holidays! Still working at the age of 90, the Queen starts in July  to sign 800 different Christmas cards, that will go to family and friends. And whilst she finishes signing all of these cards, her two grandsons, have started the tradition of playing a soccer game every Christmas Eve.

The Beckham family goes to the mountains. They take an annual family picture on the bridge that takes them to their mountain loft, which they post on Instagram. Then there is Taylor Swift, that pulls out, every year, a new Christmas outfit. And how could we forget Michael Buble’s annual Christmas record?

So, as you little Grinches can see, so many different people enjoy this holiday, and have so many different traditions. So how about, this year, you start a new tradition, with your loved ones? Or on your own, even something small.

baby steps you little grinches.

May your road be easy, may you find new friends and may all your Christmas wishes come true.
Diana xoxo

P.S. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little more. (your words little Grinches)  

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