5 good reasons to stay home when you’re sick!

It’s autumn and flu season is approaching. At school more and more students are getting sick. Some are staying home and others come to school. Now, I know what a pain it is to get sick, falling behind and having to catch up. But this is possible to do from home: with some organisation and the help of Managebac and classmates you will be able to catch up at home and not ruin the day.

Here are 5 great reasons to stay home when you’re sick:

  1. You definitely will recover faster if you stay home. If you have a nasty cough or are feeling terrible, stay in bed. It’s best if you have one day off and feel better instead of coming in sick and feeling bad all week.
  1. If you come to school sick there is a high percentage you will pass it to a classmate or a teacher.
  1. It’s hard enough to pay attention and be on top of the lesson when you’re healthy, how could it be any easier when you’re sick?
  1. If you have a loud and frequent cough or if you have to blow your nose often, you are disturbing the class. Your mates are trying to pay attention to the teacher, but it really isn’t easy.
  1. And the last point is an interesting cultural difference. In America today, kids are taught to cough and sneeze in their elbow instead of in their hand. This is because when someone who is sick touches a doorknob they spread their germs to the next person.

I  asked Mr. Davey a quick question about what he thinks about coming to school if you’re sick. He says that if a student is very sick he mustn’t come to school, especially if a doctor says the student should not go to school. But he doesn’t want students to pretend to be sick and not go to school.

But this isn’t a problem I think, because Mr. Rafferty has said that students, even if they are sick, want to go to school.