An article about nothing

Have you ever felt an urge to write and had nothing to write about? Or maybe stared at the computer screen for about 20 minutes before writing the first words of the 1000 word essay due the next day?

Let’s say it, you can’t just start writing when you feel like it and you certainly can’t write properly if someone makes you. Good writing needs inspiration, which is not that easy to find. Combined with a shy inspiration, there is a sloth-like mind.

Is it possible that your own mind is the cause of all your psychological writing-related problems? Not only your mind is continually pushing towards the road of procrastination but it also demands for perfection; every single piece you produce has to be perfect  Nobel Prize material.

Not to talk about when you finally realize that you’re a terrible writer and you’re never, ever, ever, going to produce a worldwide bestseller. If I started now I could manage to write two chapters before dying.

Tell me dear brain, how can I work and mess about at the same time?”

What about when you have really cool concepts in your mind and when you write them down they don’t link with each other, no matter what? And when you suddenly lose fluency within your language and you go back to writing like you did in first grade?

Writing actually does drive me crazy. Why do I still like writing even though I’m often left with a headache when I have finished an essay?

A thing that I hate the most is when I keep changing the sentence until it suits my wants. I keep moving the words around for one minute and then I put them back to how they were in the first place.

Similarly I can’t take lapses of memory; you’re there, confident, finally managing to write a proper sentence and