Weird! Good or Bad?

The two first people that come to my mind for this article are: Nicki Minaj and Kesha. Some people dislike them because they are so weird and different. OK, on one hand they do do crazy things to “wow” the public. But on the other hand, it’s who they are.

Nicki likes to act as if she is 6 different people: Cookie, Roman, Martha, Barbie, Nicki, and Onika. She also loves to wear crazy outfits and wigs and puts her personalities in her songs. This is who she is. Not someone her producer would have thought of and convinced her to become. She used to have a hard life, because of family problems. To make life easier at home she created all these personalities that occupied her mind- now occupying her music.

It’s all her. When average people say “be who you are”, nobody really understands what they mean. In Hollywood, Katy Perry’s producer asked her if she would be the next Mariah Carey. Katy replied, “No I want to be the first Katy Perry”.

If you can stand up on the red carpet as what many might call an “embarrassing” persona, act the way you really are, and not care what the public thinks- that’s really showing an aspiring message, “be who you are”.

Kesha was raised in Nashville, Tennessee by a rock star mother. Bullied for being who she was, living off coupons, and soon to be living in a car-the singer really does know what she’s talking about, when she says, “be who you are”.

For someone who took a lot of nonsense throughout her life, and to really know what being a tramp feels like,  she should not be put down for acting herself. People also like to claim that these “originals” can’t sing. Nicki Minaj is a rapper, which many forget and Kesha was raised in a talented musical family and proved she can sing.

People sometimes think these are “crazy wannabes”, but in the end it’s us who can’t see that they are just being who they are. We should learn from this not just to hate something because it’s “weird” or different.