Fair Trade Today and Everyday


Courtesy of Britannica Encyclopedia

Fair Trade today and everyday

Edoardo C., Staff Writer

Even now, less than two thousand miles from your home, there are people working twelve hours per day, not receiving a fair wage at all, and for sure some won’t have  any deserved rest during the  Christmas vacation.

While we will probably open our presents, they will hope and pray to have enough money to pay for the medical support needed for an ill child. They will hope and pray to have  enough money to reach the end of the month with more than one meal per day.

But why is it so? Why are these people living in such conditions? Even if they work so much their wage is lower than one dollar per day. Why? It is partly  because conventional trade will only benefit the company, and not the workers.

But there is a solution: support Fair Trade.

For your last –minute  Christmas  shopping try one of the Fair Trade shops in Italy. Open you lap top and visit the website http://www.fairtrade.net/.

Because you can make the difference in people’s lives.

“Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fair trade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade”.Fair trade International.