The Democratic Republic of Congo – You can make the difference

The Democratic Republic of Congo - You can make the difference

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“Over 5.4 million dead. Over 2 million displaced. Democratic Republic of Congo is home to the deadliest conflict since World War II“ *

This conflict started as a fight between armed groups of those who wanted control over mines containing gold, tin and tungsten: essential materials needed to build electronic devices.

I believe the conflict can only be solved if the UN and its powerful states take control over eastern Congo peacefully by promising all of the rebel groups a total 30% of all of the resources. While the other percentage would go to the Congolese state making it a developed country.

Each one of us can help end the bloody and deadly conflict by buying technological devices from companies that have taken action to purchase only from the Congolese government and that are “conflict free”.  Only by doing this can we help the Democratic Republic of Congo have a future.

Think about it. There might be a child in Congo that dreams of having a future, a family, a house, but he is forced to fight for a cause he is not interested in. Just by buying your 500 iPad or iPhone from a “conflict free” brand you can help this conflict end and help this child have a future.

I tell you ‘use the power you have to make more responsible purchasing decisions’. Think about the help you could give that one child.

Think that you could be him.

*Enough! The project to end genocide and crimes against humanity,