Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Chapal, Staff Writer

Welcome to Bizarre Careers 

This is a new segment added to the newsletter just to get all of you thinking about some career choices. To make this a little more interesting I’ve selected the most unusual ones. I bet most of you won’t even consider them, but why not read this article just for a giggle?

HELLO THERE, DO YOU LIKE HUNTING PEOPLE DOWN? well not in that sense but I think we have the perfect job for you! Ever thought about being a bounty hunter that hunts down fugitives? You get to earn up to 30 percent of fugitives’ bail from bail bondsman! You don’t need much training either. However, if you wish to accelerate that thought, then you should consider being a terrorist bounty hunter. This is perfect for the ones that fancy a bit of travelling around the remote places of Earth to capture the MOST WANTED TERRORISTS that descended on this planet! Sounds thrilling right? It’s definitely not a job for wimps.

I’m a little scaredy cat so probably bounty hunting isn’t my kind of job. I’d rather hunt down people that make my restaurant meal not edible. We all need someone that can review some of the best meals in town. If you are a secret foodie and a massive fan of writing with flair, then a food critic is the perfect path for you! A critic can work as a journalist for newsletters, websites or restaurant magazines. All you have to do is try different cuisines and start rating them! DELICIOUS!