3 Jack Black Films!

Here are 3 of Jack Black’s hit movies.

1. School of Rock

Dewey Finn’s life takes a turn for the worse after his scumbag ‘friends’ kick him out of his own band. At home, his roommate Ned Schneebly and his annoying girlfriend are about to evict him if he doesn’t pay his rent. While he is eager for a new job, he receives an unexpected phone call… It’s time for this rock maniac to take on the role of Ned, a substitute teacher at a private elementary school. With his great love of music, he unleashes his favourite rock gods on these uneducated students by entering them in the Battle of the Bands for a $10,000 prize. This must all be kept a secret from their parents, the principal, his roommate, and the kids.

2. Welcome to the Jungle

After having been given detention, four high schoolers, all with opposite personalities, are given the task of organising none other than the basement. Hidden beneath layers of dust is an old game console. With one click, they are all instantly drawn into a survival-based jungle game called Jumanji. Literally becoming their avatars, they must take a green gem back to a hidden location in order to get home. While overcoming numerous obstacles and fortifying their bonds in the process a psychopath follows after them. Do they manage to flee?

3. Kung Fu Panda

Nothing beats a film about a panda who was raised by a goose. Po, who works in a noodle shop for his father, fantasises about joining the “Furious Five,” a group of warriors trained by Master Shifu. However, when the menacing and relentless Tai Lung returns to his homeland, Po, the clumsiest there is, is chosen to fulfil the ancient prophecy of becoming the Dragon Warrior. Is he able to carry out his lifelong wish and prevent what is about to happen?