3 Must See Comedy Hits!

Movies bound to make you laugh.



A hysterical, must-see comedy classic is “We’re the Millers”. A lonely pot dealer has been robbed by thieves. Now in debt to his supplier, David is ordered to go to Mexico and pick up his boss’ last shipment with his life on the line. But how could he possibly cross the border without drawing attention? With the help of an almost evicted stripper, abandoned child and sarcastic homeless teen, David has the idea of creating an average-American touristy family. With an RV and non-suspicious act, their “family” encounters risky and hilarious situations bound to result in a few laughs. 


“Superbad” is another rib-tickling comedy about the adventure of 2 socially awkward best friends. Having been invited to their first house party, Seth and Evan, hoping to get lucky with two girls, are asked to bring the alcohol. Their nerdy friend Fogell has a fake ID, so they ask him to buy it. When a robber smacks him in the head, two police officers take him around town, teaching him what a good time looks like. While their socially rejected friend is having the night of his life, Seth and Evan, now alcoholless, are still on their quest to get to the party before it’s too late.


What kind of hit-comedy movie list would this one be without the outrageous “White Chicks”? Marcus and Kevin are two FBI agents who are terrible at their job. To redeem themselves, they are forced to escort two bratty sisters to the Hamptons as bait for a kidnapper. It all goes wrong when the sisters refuse to go. What would any dedicated FBI agents do in a situation like this? Hire new girls? No! Transform their African-American selves into white, blonde, snobby women and do the job themselves.