Jason Reviewlo

Federica, Editor

I don’t wanna go home after this!

Flashing lights, music pumping, heart beating fast, hands in the air, thousands of voices as one. What’s better than live music played by your favourite stars? Let’s admit it, concerts are the best thing ever.

Just the other day I was at Alcatraz in Milan for Jason Derulo’s only tour date in Italy. The concert was due to start  at 9pm, doors opening at 7pm. I decided to get there at 6 in order to get a fairly good place.

When I got there I panicked. The queue went all the way around the corner of the building; I would never  have been able to get to the front row (which obviously was my aim). I wondered around for a while trying to find a way to sneak into the line when the crowd started moving forward, so I joined in and started running with them as if I’d been there for hours and hours. When the frenzy was over I slowly and carefully pushed my way through to the left of the queue near the wall of the building in order to get in before the others.

Time passed and as the clock struck 7 pm the bodyguards let us in. As soon as I got inside I hit the centre of the crowd and started pushing my way through just as gently as I had done previously. Every so often someone would turn around and scowl but I would just be friendly and blame it on the people behind me.

By the time the opening act started I was in the third row (which was the closest I could get as V.I.P. ticket holders held the first and second rows). 

Mr. I-am-famous-so-it’s-ok-for-me-to-be-late Jason Derulo arrived 45 mins late and I must say that was not pleasant at all but I forgot everything as soon as the concert started.

He sang all his smash hits and some of the songs from his new album, Tattoos. He also performed Royals by Lorde (in his own style) and danced along with his awesome dancers to various pieces.

It was all really good and I managed (or more like struggled) to get a piece of the shirt he threw into the audience at the end of Talk Dirty.

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